Join the referral program!

After joining the referral program, when your friend signs up through your invitation link, when he tops up, you will be able to get a generous rebate income from it.

  • When will the commissions arrive
  • After 3 days of your users purchasing the service, the rebate will be credited to your commission account and you will always be able to view your referrals through your User Center.
  • Is it possible to withdraw commissions
  • Of course you can! When your referral commission reaches $20, simply request a withdrawal in the work order system and our finance will credit the commission directly to your account.
  • Can commissions be used to purchase TrudaCloud services
  • Of course you can! With the referral program, you can even use the service for free forever.

Stepped Rebate Program

When your invited users reach higher numbers, you can contact customer service to get the corresponding benefits, as well as a higher percentage of rebate.

Rebate Model Commission rate Special Benefits Number of Invitees
First rebate 10% None 0-100
Recurring Rebates 10% None 100-300
Recurring Rebates 15% Free 加强版 plan for one year 300-600
Recurring Rebates 20% Free 升级版 plan for one year 600-1000
Recurring Rebates 25% Free 永久版 plan forever 1000+